World Academy of Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Bone Surgery(WAUPS) is the international academy established in 2012, which is the 1st one in ultrasonic piezoelec-tric bone surgery. Dental clinic specialists as well as medical specialists in the related field have been registered as a member. Therefore, we would like to make it a worldwide academy to network new technology and information on ultrasonic piezoelectric bone surgery around the world.

WCUPS History
2012 Jeju, Korea I 2013 Gyung ju, Korea I 2014 Tokyo, Japan I 2015 Busan, Korea I
2016 Bangkok, Thailand I 2017 New Delhi, India I 2018 Los Angeles, USA
2019 Thilburg, Netherland I 2020 Boracay, Philippines I 2021 Cancun, Mexico
2022 Hanoi, Vietnam I 2023 Luxor, Egypt